eric anctil
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In search of humanity in a TechnoHuman world

Consciousness, humor, empathy, pain, joy, regret, creativity, deception, faith …all are uniquely human and threatened by a digital and automated future. It's a future created and controlled by few, but its reach and impact are profound and occurring almost invisibly and in plain sight.  

Fake news, YouTube videos of police brutality, Tinder hook ups, and well-curated social networking profiles are only some of the recent examples of how computer code, the hardware it runs on, and human behavior are in constant interaction with one another and to profound effect. Combined with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, big-data aggregation, and predictive analytics, these technologies have come to challenge what it means to be human and the race to save our core humanity has already begun.

The world is rapidly changing and the threats to the basic humanity that accompany this change are unparalleled. Unlike past generations, we are living in a time that requires all of us to be intentionally human and we must create a world where humanity has its rightful place in a digital future.

Intentionally Human is a movement and together we are the heroes of our own story. Join the movement. Be human.

“Keep evolving and stay human."

— Eric Anctil

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Find out more about Eric Anctil and learn about his mission, methods, and why he believes the very essence of what it means to be human is at risk in the Digital Age.